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Creative expression is screaming a silent scream inside you.

Silent, because it’s drowned out in constant statements you hear well:

“I’m not artistic.”

“My art teacher in elementary told me I couldn’t draw a straight line.”

“My sister – she’s the artistic one!”

We think that art is only for the Olympian few that have an art piece in a gallery or is being paid.  And when we FINALLY psyche ourselves up to come to one of these art classes, we come with hopeful expectation: “Teach me how.  Show me.”

“Oh God, I hope I can make something worthwhile.”

“I hope I won’t feel stupid for trying.”

That’s all up in our head, the constant chatterbox.  It’s the one we’ve been trained to listen to in today’s industrial world that says, Make goals!  Succeed!  Plan!  What did you ACCOMPLISH today?  Holy camoli, don’t tell me all you did was PLAY?  You took an ART CLASS?  For what?!

Which makes our creative expression become a bit more buried. Do you see how it would? Our ego (the chatter in our head) exists within a structured box, living in fear and doubt of what if’s and failure.

Our creative expression exists in TRUST/LETTING GO/SURRENDER/FAITH/PLAY AND WONDER!  Our creative expression exists inside our gut – and she’s hard to hear, especially after years of listening to our head.  But the awesome thing is that she has a secret weapon – it’s where the Soul resides, the Spirit, the Divine – whatever you want to call it, it’s both shield and saber.  This connection creates a masterPEACE so much more magnificent than the head chatter ever dreamed!  Though it might not LOOK like you want (or it might be better), the connection to PEACE and JOY is – in itself- the magnificent canvas of clarity you’re craving.

It’s not so that you can become that artist on the wall or gallery – unless that’s really what you’ve wanted to do.

It is so you can let that creative energy RUN WILD to do whatever is in your heart that’s been hiding in secret!

And it is ALSO so you can allow the “Sacred Other” to speak through your brush.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying the Ego is all bad news. The ego is the one that tends to get stuff done – but we are often a slave to our ego’s rather than allowing our egos be a slave to our souls.    

We need tools to overcome the chatter:

…because that ego can be kinda mean and nasty to get you to do what it wants.  We need to be able to recognize that bully for what he is and learn how to re-write the story.  Kick him to the curb.

So…are you ready?

Let me warn you, however….as you begin to let that creative expression loose a bit?  It might feel a wee bit weird, because it’s outside the “normal” box.  She probably doesn’t fit in.  (gasp)

She’s so incredibly, wonderfully UNIQUE and different from the box that we’re used to performing within that it’s going to feel strange at first.  But holy moly, when you DO?!  Mind blowing fun.  REALLY. Amazing joy.  Like Dorothy stepping out in OZ, full color.  And look out – your entire life becomes the same.  You start stepping outside the box, full color, in every aspect of your life.  Living with confidence.  Joy.  Connection.  

Do you want that?

Let’s play!


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