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“I love how Laurie incorporated movement, voice and art in the groups in playful and creative ways.  It was fun to try different ways to create: paint, nature collage, journaling, poetry.  I felt free to explore and play rather than “make something.”….Laurie is passionate and enthusiastic and teaches from the heart.

(She) is very good at reflective listening and encouraging students to stay open to possibility.   Her approach  is inviting and curious, which sets the tone for the entire group.”

Mary Laffey Adams, Kripalu Yoga instructor, holistic nurse and mindfulness teacher.


“I loved the space to express, the complete lack of judgment, the openness of the people who showed up. The balance of movement, sharing and creating felt absolutely perfect to me…..Laurie Ritchie is truly one-of-a-kind. She showed me how to unleash my inner artist, how to release untapped emotions and how to re-discover vast reserves of forgotten fun and joy. She is hilarious, boundlessly creative and wise beyond words. Your world will be changed by joining her magical orbit. Take any opportunity you have to learn from and grow with her.”

Jill Farmer, author “There’s Not Enough Time and other lies we tell ourselves”, and life coach,

“In October of 2013 I attended a 4 week session of a type of group therapy that I had never heard of before: Expressive Arts Therapy.  Being interested in art and therapy, sounded like something I would enjoy.  It was so much more than “enjoyment”.  These group meetings lead by Laurie Ritchie were fun, healing, supportive, intriguing, enlightening, and full of discovery for me. Laurie was born to lead this kind of group. She has a way of helping people feel comfortable while they explore new methods of expression, and guiding towards a better understanding of ourselves.  It was amazing to see the things that emerged through experiences that felt like play.  Laurie is creative and artistic and her guidance through these experiences was professional yet warm and inviting.  I am anxious to sign up for another round!”

Ann Miller, current owner of Harmony Consulting (, a design/styling consulting firm, previous VP of Design, Weissman’s Designs for Dance.