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I am an Independent Contractor for

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Women In Crisis

Anyone Needing A Creative Vision/Outlet!

Also Available for:

Would you like a more personalized experience with Expressive Arts and your own creativity? Would you like to connect deeply with Spirit through your art?
If your life is taking a shift and you’d like to delve deeper with creativity and Spirit, email me.
Would you like a creative way for your family to connect?  To listen together?
To create together?  We’ll use all forms of art and playful experiences to help your family experience the kind of connection you’ve been hoping for.
Want a great Girl’s Night Out?  Think of the ever growing and popular Paint Nights with a twist.
We’ll have fun in our creations….but we’ll connect a little deeper as well.  With one another, with ourselves, and with Spirit!
Please let me know if there is an organization who could
use the innovative benefits of Whole Arts and you will receive a
20% discount off any offering.


Whole Arts is built in playfulness, surprise/discovery – you’ll likely have FUN….yet regular creative practice increases your connection to your own intuitiveness and Spirit.  It will help with living your life with more clarity, direction, and innovativeness.   And warning:  it’s also been known to cause you to experience joy through the rest of your day!  Or dreaming fantastic dreams!  Or causing you to reach past that old fear to do something entirely AMAZING.  Finally!

Email me at for any questions.


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