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  In Mark Nepo’s “Book of Awakening”, the topic for April 26’s reading was resistance. He shared the story of salmon who find their way upstream by bumping up against the rocks and obstacles to find the fervent flow of water that illuminates the opening. That even though they are fighting against the difficulty of […]

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Adios. A fun word to say when goodbyes are hard. It rolls off the tongue neatly and quick rather than the biting block-ending sound in the hard D before sliding away in “bye”, tail between it’s legs because its too hard to face. Sometimes it’s a simple thing; the glaring obvious that needs to happen. […]

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It’s Just Paint

It was just paint. Acrylic paint. Given the simplicity  of it I’m not sure why the moments were so succulent. But its only happened once and I keep returning for once more. Closing my eyes, feeling the cool wetness in my fingers, the musty, earthy scent. Sensuous, she and I like caressing a body wanting, waiting on […]

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  Are we meant to judge? If we take away the judge will we render ourselves victims to all that we fear or don’t understand? Are we so stuck in our fears and misunderstanding  and ignorance that we can’t climb out to see ourselves in the mirror? Are we so stuck in our comfort no […]

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The Birther

That gripping force of childbirth holding you oh so tight in relentless birthing. No other way but out. You know it’s coming as much as you’d like it to end, this gripping force HAS YOU. He’s holding you tight in protective urgent energy and strong confidence saying “Trust Me. I love this baby as much […]

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It’s The Little Things

It’s this tiny auger shell found so numerously in Florida, their spiral shape reminding me of life itself. It’s the butterfly, seemingly so whimsical and fragile whose winging here can initiate a tsunami there. It’s my “frivolous” play: dance, paint , a response with words whose open, safe container creates a trajectory of change. It’s […]

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Dying Inside

Our creative expression is dying inside, aching to be seen.  Swallowed up in lady-like perfection, her knees clamped tightly shut. She’s tied up in ragged ribbons of story – of wonder, glory, grandiosity and dreams and those of horror, heartache, and tragedy, all in cringe worthy detail. She is curled up in a dark corner, […]

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Dream Thrusting

 (in response to “Male Thrust” by Lorna Crozier) Oh, the obscene lust in male sexual desire; the kind that needs to be tamed, held back. The kind that gets “blue balls” for lack of satisfying. Where is this burning drive that stops for nothing, that corners the librarian and comes on The Bible? I want […]

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Packing for the Future: Instructions

(from the poem Packing for the Future: Instructions by Lorna Crozier.) Take the thickest socks – they hold your feet with the warmest hug.  Surround them in a thick layer of love.  Choose the thick squeezy kind; those are my favorite.  Socks, she says, are a layer of hope, a sweet dream and a kiss […]

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